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Ground Mat

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Product Details
Brand: Hastings

● Portable mat provides a method to establish an equal potential zone for multiple grounding applications

● Vinyl polyester fabric, with high capacity, tinned-copper braid sewn into a grid pattern
● The copper grid connects to a 6” termination stud on the corner of the mat
● The ground mat is then bonded to the equipment being worked on
● Reversible, easy to store, easy to clean with standard hose pressure
6610 Yellow Mat, 58” x 58”
6615 Yellow Mat, 58” x 120”
6620 Yellow Mat, 120” x 120”
6610-NS Black Mat, Non-Skid, 58” x 58”
6615-NS Black Mat, Non-Skid, 58” x 120”
6620-NS Black Mat, Non-Skid, 120” x 120”
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