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Located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, Special Fleet Service opened their doors as equipment upfitters in 1983, followed closely by a tool and safety division in 1984. Since then, we’ve worked diligently to supply our customers with superior products while delivering exceptional customer service but also innovative new ideas and concepts to make their day-to-day operations better, and most importantly, safer.


In 2020 our two divisions officially became two separate companies. While Special Fleet Service continues on as a vehicle upfitter, the tool and safety division began to chart it's own course. Danielle Ropp, daughter of the original owner is now owner and President of SFS Tool & Safety. We are proud to have received accreditation as a SWaM certified woman owned business.

SFS Tools & Safety houses the only commercial lineman’s protective rubber testing facility in Virginia and is among the largest Salisbury distributors in the United States. We also complete a wide range of tool repairs in-house as well as customized grounds and jumpers and on-location testing. Our sales representatives work closely with our customers to supply them with the most effective tools on the market as well as personalized and diligent service. We are proudly a NAIL accredited laboratory.

From our centralized location on the East Coast, we proudly serve a superior list of customers; we understand their business demands and know they need a supplier who is as dependable and efficient as they are. We work hard to get what they need into their capable hands so they can complete the job quickly, and safely.

We ask you to take some time to review the services we offer and the manufacturers we work closely to develop relationships with. Let us show you what special service from SFS is all about.

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